Find answers to common questions about MinistryMate, the Windows Phone application for use by Jehovah’s Witnesses in their field ministry.This page will be updated as needed to address the most common questions/problems encountered by users.

  1. How do I add a Bible study?The number of Bible studies is automatically calculated from the calls data.More specifically, for each visit to a call, you select the visit type (Initial visit, return visit, Bible study, etc.).Whenever a visit is marked as a Bible study, that call is then counted as a Bible study.
  2. How do I set my monthly goal? To plan out your time for the month, you can simply select a future date when adding time to your report.After adding future dates, the expanded view of the monthly report will show your actual time along with the projected total if you get all the time you entered for future dates.You will need to go back in and enter the actuals for dates that were originally entered as projections.Disclaimer: The current “goals” implementation is admittedly crude, and is slated for dramatic improvements in coming releases.Thanks for your patience, and your invaluable feedback!
  3. How do I adjust my time if I made a mistake when entering it? To change any values entered in your report, click the + button on the reports screen, and select the date you want to edit. The values you entered previously will be loaded into the screen. Then just update them to the correct amounts, and click the Save button.
  4. **How long is does the trial last?**The trial version allows you to use the full functionality of the app for 30 days from the first time you start using the app.After that, the ability to add calls, hours, and house-to-house records will be disabled until you purchase the app.Note: You will not lose any data by failing to purchase the app before the trial expires. Also, you will not lose any data when you purchase the app, since it only involves a license upgrade and not a reinstall of the app.
  5. **I am replacing my phone.Can I reload the app without having to purchase it again? **Yes.On the Windows Phone platform, all your app purchases and downloads are tied to your Windows Live ID.So if you set up your new phone with the same Live ID as the previous phone, you can download and install MinistryMate again, without having to purchase it.You can use the Marketplace app on the phone, the Windows Phone website (http://www.windowsphone.com), or the Zune software on your computer to redownload the app.Note: In order to reload your data in MinistryMate, you will need to perform a back up from the original phone to your Dropbox account.Then, after installing the app on the new phone, you can perform a restore from Dropbox.
  6. **Why is the app not free?**As with any software application, there are recurring costs associated with producing, deploying and supporting this application. By charging a modest one-time price for MinistryMate, my goal is simply to offset those costs to some degree and enable the continued development and support of the application.
  7. Why won’t the Dropbox backup work? In a recent release, I unwittingly introduced a bug with the dropbox backup.I have discovered the cause of the bug, and it will be fixed in the next release.But until then, there is a workaround that will enable you to perform backups.Simply login to your dropbox account from any computer, and add a folder named “MinistryMate”.After that, the backup function in the MinistryMate app will work.