Open in IE – This Firefox add-on enables you to open a link or the current page in a new Internet Explorer window. No more copying and pasting links for those sites that refuse to function correctly in Firefox!

MinistryMate – This Windows Phone application helps Jehovah’s Witnesses keep track of everything related to their ministry, including calls, return visits, Bible studies, hours and more.

AssemblyMate – A mobile app for use by Jehovah’s Witnesses to take notes and save other details about assemblies and conventions.Available on Windows Phone and Android.

TMS Tracker – This is a Windows Phone application for use during the Theocratic Ministry School at meetings of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

TweetSpot – If you use Twitter and Google Chrome, this browser extension will help you not miss a tweet. When you load new tweets, it scrolls you down to the exact spot you left off so you can read the new tweets in order.