MinistryMate 2.4 Released

ministrymateTodayI released version 2.4 of my popular Windows Phone ministry app, MinistryMate.This is the first update in several months, butI’m certain the wait was worth it.This update brings some very important functionality to the app: the ability to sync data to “the cloud.”This functionality is useful for acouple reasons.

First, it removes the need for manual backups of the app data.Since the app was first released, backing up the data has been a constant concern among users who were fearful of unexpected crashes or phone malfunctions.So I added the ability to backup the app’s data file to, and thenrestore from that backup.That allowed users toeasily reload their data if they had to reset their phone, or load iton a different device if they switched phones.But lately, the backup functionality has been finicky at best, frequently causing the app to crash, or not being able to retrieve the backed up file from dropbox.So now, the data is backed up automatically toa secure database on the web host.

Second, adding the cloud storage to the app enables the app to be used from any device on which MinistryMate is installed, without having to worry about losing or overwriting any data.Today, that may not mean much. You most likely aren’t using two phones and need to have your latest ministry data on each one at any given time.But in the near future, I plan on releasing MinistryMate as a Windows Store app!At that time, you will be able to install it on a Windows 8 PC, a Windows 8 or Windows RT tablet, or a Windows Phone 8 device.Then I expect that you will love having access to your MinistryMate data from any of those devices!

Thanks to all who have supported the app and continue to provide kind words and constructive criticism.Because of you, MinistryMate is the best ministry app on Windows Phone, and my hope is that it will soon be the best ministry app on Windows period.

The new version can be found in the Windows Phone store by clicking here.

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