Updating WP7 Trial Apps Not Working

I just published an update to my MinistryMate application, but when I try to download the update on my phone, the process fails.I open up Marketplace, which shows one update available.Then I click on MinistryMate, and press the Update button.It then shows Queuing, pending, installing (very quickly), then back to a screen telling me ‘No downloads in progress’.The update was not applied and still shows in Marketplace.I did some quick Binging and found a thread on Microsoft’s AppHub forums describing this problem and acknowledging a bug.The thread can be found here.

The most recent post in the forum is from a Microsoft employee and promises an upcoming client update to address the problem.In the meantime, however, the only workaround is to uninstall the application, then install the new version through the Marketplace.That’s a huge problem for applications like MinistryMate, which store data on the device, because the data is deleted when the application is uninstalled.So before you uninstall, be sure to make a note of all the information you’ve saved so you can re-enter it after the update.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience this causes my users, but hopefully Microsoft will have this issue resolved soon.

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