Beautifully Different

Nokia Lumia 900Beautifully Different – That’s been the marketing slogan for the new Nokia Lumia 900, the flagship Windows Phone in the US.I got mine two days ago and I could not be happier!I’ve been using a Samsung Focus since the day after Windows Phone 7 launched in November 2010, and it met and exceeded my expectations during that time.So it didn’t take a lot of convincing to get me to fork over the $99 for the latest greatest smartphone available.I love Windows Phone for everything that it is, as well as for what it is not.But Nokia just added one more reason to the list.

Apparently since the Lumia 900 launched in the US a few days ago, some users have experienced issues with connections to the AT&T network.I personally have not experienced this issue, except that it took about 30 minutes for my phone to connect after I left the AT&T store.

Now, if this was an iPhone story, it might go something like this: Unhappy customers take to the forums on Apple’s site or fan sites and complain, only to be met with stern denials, blame shifting and evasive customer service.Then Apple would quietly issue a software patch or other remediation measure to address the issue which they had previously denied existed.

Not so with Nokia!In less than 72 hours, they have responded with the following: 1) acknowledgement of the issue, 2) an update to resolve the issue, and 3) an unprecedented gesture of goodwill

Every individual who has already purchased a Nokia Lumia 900 — or who will purchase one between now and April 21st – will receive a $100 credit to their AT&T bill from Nokia.

I would say that’s exactly what I want from the companies I choose to do business with, but that would not be accurate.This is beyond my expectations, and that my friends is beautifully different.

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