Coming soon: AssemblyMate

I submitted a new Windows Phone app today called AssemblyMate. Building on the success of my app for Jehovah’s Witnesses to use in the ministry — MinistryMate — I am hoping to address another common need with the new app.AssemblyMate will allow you to take notes at assemblies and conventions and have the notes stored right on your phone.You can also record details about the assembly such as attendance and baptism numbers.

The assembly programs will be automatically downloaded to your phone as soon as they are available.Then you can set the dates for when you will attend.Within the program listing, you will be able to click on each talk and enter the name of the speaker as well as some points you want to remember.

But what good are all those notes if they only exist on your phone?One of the nicest features is the ability to upload the notes for the entire assembly to your SkyDrive account.From there, you can download them to your PC, print them, search them, anything you want!

And this is just the beginning!When Windows 8 is released in 2012, look for a version of AssemblyMate that works on your Windows tablet device!

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